Pokemon: Grand Masters


Pokénoids- Human appearing Pokémon who do not and cannot have an alternative Pokémon transformation.

·      Are born with a two-type designation. (EX: Fairy/Steel)

·      Hair color typical exhibits multiple colors for the exposure or cross-training done.

·      Are susceptible to being captured in a pokéball, all potions or healing elements, berries, and/ or other forms restraint that would work on Pokémon.

·      Are susceptible to human attributes such as emotions, illnesses, addictions, ect.

·      Speak all Pokémon languages, but are most understood by those whose typing or cross-training they have worked with.

·      Typically are unusual to cross, but not rare.

Originals- Pokémon who have the ability to and train to be able to have a human façade.

·      Can be born with either a single or dual type designation. (EX: Fire or EX: Water/Rock)

·      Have a specific Pokémon line they can transform into.

·      Are able to change back and forth at will into a human appearing form

·      Highly Secretive of their human and Pokémon forms

·      Are very common, but completely rare in exposing themselves.

In-Betweens- Pokémon who have been changed into a pertinent human form, but still retain their original type, and powers.

·      All were originally a Pokémon

·      All retain original typing

·      All retain powers

·      Are able to speak human

·      Retain some aspects of their former existence {EX: a Pikachu would have blonde hair and rosier cheeks.)

·      Are not subject to human thinking, but are subject to strong human emotions.

Reversals- Humans who have been changed into Pokémon and have gained a type and powers based on exposure.

·      All were originally human

·      All gain their type by exposure (EX: a human turned into a charmander could potentially be a water typed and be able to learn water)

·      All gain their powers based on training (EX: Human turned into a Bulbasaur could learn thunderbolt if trained with electric Pokémon.)

·      Are able to speak Pokémon

·      Are able to continue speaking human

·      Retain some aspects of their former existence (EX: Human turned into a Buneary would still keep their human eye color and potentially their fur would match their hair)

·      Retain some memories of their former life such as name, date of birth, and/or food preferences.

·      Are subject to strong human emotions and weakness.

Pokéman- Experimental cross exchange where prior to conception Pokémon DNA is placed in Sperm and Eggs of human couples and born with a cross DNA.

·      Behave similar to Pokénoids, but are significantly more human due to base.

·      Not as powerful as a Pokénoid

·      Typing picked from Pokémon DNA before hand

·      Able to be caught in Pokéball

·      Iris’s show typing colors

·      Are able to learn Pokémon speak

·      Incredibly rare due to being created

·      Born with typing and eyes are that base color

·      Pokéman and Humón for training purposes (or first Pokémon)

Humón- Experimental cross exchange where prior to conception human DNA is placed in Sperm & Egg of Pokémon breeding pairs and born with cross DNA.

·      Incredibly rare due to being lab created.

·      Born as associated Pokémon, but have unusual eye and fur color

·      Behave more like Pokémon

·      More incline to learn human language

·      Can’t be captured in Pokéball

·      Over time and evolution they change into a more humanoid form (anthropomorphic)

·      Not susceptible to Pokémon related diseases, but have strong human emotions

Frankenstein- 1 part Pokémon to human grafted on.

·      Alters DNA making human unstable and prone to Pokémon DNA.

·      Part Pokémon attributes for whatever is grafted on.

·      Severe changes in personalities

·      Designed to figure out if humans can attain Pokémon attributes in their lifetime.

·      Gruesome or disfiguring process

·      Are unable to speak Pokémon, but are able to better understand body language and needs of others.

·      Uncommon due to created

·      Rare side effect, Natural DNA can be overcome by Pokémon DNA

Werémon- ½ human ½ Pokémon hybrid who can transform into Pokémon form when moved by strong emotion.

·      All start in human form

·      Have specific Pokémon they can turn into

·      Attributes are enhanced, but not as strong as the original Pokémon they imitate/ become.

·      Physical attributes mimic the Pokémon they turn into. (EX: Hair, Eye, Color, body shape)

·      Enhance attributes by maintaining form.

·        Speak Pokémon

·      Transformations become rapidly harder to control and can lead to dangerous consequences if they don’t control emotions. (IE: Raven from Teen Titians)

·      Strong Primal urges, but not compulsory (IE: They go into heat. Or really want to eat a fly)

·      Adopt habits of Pokémon they turn into.

·      Capturable in their Pokémon form

Lab Junky- Anyone who has been a part of Giovanni’s experiments and either has or had a barcode. (A slang term used among those on the run to identify others who have been through similar experiences)

Humans- Homo sapiensand the dominant species on the planet.

Pokémon- A creature based off of the yokai in Japanese folklore and things from the natural world. They typically are special creatures with strange abilities, sometimes even created from inanimate objects.